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Open Indiana Futurity Nomination Fees:

Open Indiana Futurity Nomination Fees are as follows:

  • Stallion Nomination Fee $50.00 paid by the winning bidder of the donated stallion for the year that the foal will be born.  This $50.00 fee covers nomination into the Open Indiana Futurity as a weanling regardless of All American Cup eligibility or not.  This fee is paid at AAC Cup Auction for AAC stallions and May 1st for all others.

  • Mare and Foal Nomination Fee: $70.00.  $20.00 for the mare and $50.00 for the weanling.  Due May 1st of the year foal will be born.

  • Yearling and two-year old nomination fee is $50.00 for each year.  Due May 1st of each following year.

  • Example: 2022 AAC Auction Stallion purchase, mare bred, declaration due by December 1st of the auction year (no money at this time) Indiana Futurity nomination due by May 1st, 2023

The most a buyer of an All American-eligible horse would pay in nomination fees would be $220.00 thru age 2.  Stallion, $50, Mare, $20, Weanling $50, as a yearling $50 and as a two year old $50.

The most a donor of a AAC eligible horse would pay in nomination fees would be $170.00.The Stallion Nomination fee is already paid by Buyer.  Stallion Donor would pay Mare $20, Weanling $50, Yearling $50 and two-year old $50.

The reason for the nomination into the Indiana Futurity is PRIZE MONEY.  If a horse is at the show for the Big Cup money, there is an added bonus to show for additional prize money in the Open Futurity.

For example, in 2015, the AAC Weanling winner won a total of $31,059.88 then showed back in the Indiana Open Weanling Futurity and won an additional $3,543.18.  Not a bad week for one horse!!!

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