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Broodmare Declaration Form for Stallion Service Donor
Due by December 10, 2022 (for 2023 Foal, Breeding Purchased at 2022 Auction)

This form for use by the Stallion Service Donor to declare a mare in-foal to the stallion whose services were donated to the All American Cup Auction.  The foal from the declared mare will be eligible to compete in the All American Cup as a Weanling in the year foal is born, and as three-year-old.  Example:  for a breeding donated to 2022 AAC Auction, foal would be eligible to compete in the AAC as a weanling in September 2023, and three-year-old in September 2026.

All application fees and payments must be made as specified in the Rules and Regulations.  Your foal MUST maintain eligibility in the Indiana Futurity as a weanling, yearling, and two-year-old.

The person making the declaration on this form may or may not be an owner-of-record of the stallion service donor.  Prize money will be distributed at 75% to registered owner of the resulting foal, and 25% to stallion owner as of the date of the auction year.  The All American Cup does not participate in splitting the premium money per private agreements.

By completing this form, I certify that I am the owner, or have permission from the registered owner, of the All American Cup nominated stallion named below.  I have elected to declare the below-named broodmare in-foal to the stallion listed.  The foal from the mare I have declared will be eligible to compete in The All American Cup as a weaning and/or three-year-old.

I am including my declaration fee of $500, along with a copy (attached below) of the registration papers for the declared mare.

Reminder:  To show as three-year-old, the entry does NOT have to be shown as a weanling.  The All American Cup entry must, however, also maintain eligibility for the Indiana Futurity as a weanling, yearling, and two-year-old.  A one time, $170 fee will be collected at the time of submitting this form to cover all Indiana Futurity eligibility for this foal.

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Thank you for declaring your broodmare!

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