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2024 Stallions
Available for Bid in the 2024 All American Cup Stallion Auction
(Click on an individual photo to learn more about each stallion, or submit an e-bid)

Anacacho's Majesty.jpg

Anacacho's Majesty

Simply Majestic x Anachacho's Desdemona

Arrowhead's Moscato3-1.jpg

Arrowhead's Moscato

Arrowhead's Bateleur x Painted Princess



Blu-Ray x The Next Dance


Brookhill's apollon head.jpg

Brookhill's Apollon

Harlem Town x This Is Good

Callaway's Northern Kiss.jpg

Callaway's Northern Kiss

Callaway's Blue Norther (WC, RWCC, RWC) x Callaway's Carmel Kiss


Charming Grey Moon

Marc of Charm (WGC, WCC, WC, RWC)  x Catch the Moon (RWC)

Cuervo's Shoot To TThrill2.JPG

Cuervo's Shoot To Thrill (RWC)

Callaway's Northern Kiss x Crack Open The Cuervo



Undulata's Nutcracker x We Love Lucy

Far Away Tomahawk2.JPG

Far Away Tomahawk

(SA) Tomcat x Lady Belle Elegant

Gypsy's Well Played.JPG

Gypsy's Well Played

Gypsy Santana x Maria Sharapova

Heir It Is.jpg

Heir It Is

Supreme Sultan (WC) x Hidden Return by Royal Return

Honorable Kiss.jpg

Honorable Kiss NKF

Callaway's Northern Kiss x Amelia-Amelia

I'm Jean ValJean.jpg

I'm Jean Valjean

Undulata's Nutcracker x Hillcroft Her Highness


Landmark's Bouvier

Callaway's Northern Kiss x Majestic's Jackie O (RWC)


Leatherwood's Bourbon Reserve

Leatherwood's Starlight (RWC) x Callaway's Winning Ways (WC, RWC)


Mont Bleu

Callaway's Blue Norther x My Matilda

Noble Braveheart.jpg

Noble Braveheart

Callaway's Northern Kiss x Fort Chiswell's Retained Assets

Princely Conversation.jpg

Princely Conversation

Merchant Prince (WC) x Carla Conversation by Harlem's Friendly Conversation (WC)


Red Hawk Red Hawk

Periaptor x I Did I Did 

Renaissance Man's Medici.jpg

Renaissance Man's Medici

Belle Reve's Renaissance Man (WC, RWC) x Steel Available

Rose Arbor Lasting Memories4.jpeg

Rose Arbor Lasting Memories

Desert's Supreme Memories (WC, RWC) x CH She's My Desire BH (WCC, WC, RWC)


Sedgefield's Legacy

Undulata's Nutcracker x CH Our Charming Lady

Sir William Robert.jpg

Sir William Robert

Santana's Charm x Rebel Empress

Tango's Daylight (SA).jpg

Tango's Daylight

SJ Space x Larenco The Jazz Queen

The Material Man.jpeg

The Material Man

Walterway's Wild & Wooly x Bitter Sweet Sue



Attache's Thunderbolt x Sweet Anticipation

Nutcracker - 2015.jpg

Undulata's Nutcracker

CH Caramac x Christmas In New York ERB

Warrior Moon Rising.jpg

Warrior Moon Rising

Arrowhead's Unlike Any Other x Warrior Cat

A Rare Temper & Tiffany-jpg.jpg

A Rare Temper WC

(SA) Dorain Wild Temper x Garland's Second Edition

Art of the Deal.jpeg

Art of the Deal

Nutcracker's Nirvana x Use Your Illusion

Bob Bobaloo.jpg

Bob Bobaloo (WC)

Belle Reve's Renaissance Man (WC, RWC) x Lady Of The Realm by Catalyst

SA Calif First Night Out.jpg

Calif First Night Out (SA) (WC, RWC)

Enja Hell-Of-Nite (SA) X Maiel’s Autumn Love (SA)

Cat Man Zulu.jpg

Cat Man Zulu

Tomcat (SA) x Zulu Darkin'

Creekridge Dripping In Gold 2.jpg

Creekridge Dripping In Gold

County Treasure x Phianna

Dark Pegasus.jpeg

Dark Pegasus

Samur x Callaway's My Blue Heaven

Doctor Dobro MS.jpg

Doctor Dobro MS

Undulata's Nutcracker x Suddenly Summer


Glamorous Nuts

Undulata's Nutcracker x Brookhill's Glam Slam



Mountainview's Heir to Fortune (WC) x My Beautiful Balloon

He Thinks We're Nuts.jpg

He Thinks We're Nuts

Undulata's Nutcracker x Elegant Heirloom

I'm Doc Holliday.jpg

I'm Doc Holiday

Sultan's Great Day (WC) x Stonecroft Sweet Confection (RWC)

Investment Piece.jpg

Investment Piece

Designed x Swak

Lead Guitar 2024.jpg

Lead Guitar

A Whole Different Story x Pastry Cream

Look Again.jpg

Look Again

I'm Lookin' For You x Charmed Again

My Royale Flush.jpg

My Royale Flush

My Royale Charm x (SA) High-Chaparal Tangos Lady Madona

Nutcracker's Nirvana.jpeg

Nutcracker's Nirvana

Undulata's Nutcracker x Kingwood's Harlem Harlem

Quite Psycho.jpg

Quite Psycho

Arrowhead's Unlike Any Other x Chit Chat Girl

Red Letters.jpg

Red Letters

At The Cross (RWC) x Pass The Wine

Riverdreams Black Pearl.jpg

Riverdream's Black Pearl

Sultan's Great Day (WC) x Harlem's Lady Louise

Rubicon's Caesar 2024.jpg

Rubicon's Caesar

Madeira's Rubicon x Caramac's Magic

Simbara's Rio Bravo.jpg

Simbara's Rio Bravo

Castle Bravo (WC) x Simbara's Special Someone by Merchant Prince (WC)

Snowpine's Resurrection.jpeg

Snowpine's Resurrection

Callaway's Northern Kiss x Cuervo-Licious

The Knight's Reflection 2.jpg

The Knight's Reflection (RWC)

Black Knight on Broadway x Lifetime Revival

The Mystery Writer2.jpg

The Mystery Writer

Callaway's Blue Norther x Callaway's Agatha Christie (BHF)

Undulata's Desperado1.jpg

Undulata's Desperado

Undulata's Nutcracker x In Undulata Fashion

Undulata's Perfect Storm.jpg

Undulata's Perfect Storm

Carl Lynn x Christmas In New York (BHF)

Wilgabos St Anthony.jpg

 (SA) Wilgabos St Anthony

(SA) Studcor Noble Eagle x St Anthony Night Breeze


Arrowhead's Bateleur

Wine Women And Song x Luna's Stella

At Night.jpg

At Night WC

CF First Night Out x Fancy Bloomer

Booker Noe.jpg

Booker Noe

Undulata's Nutcracker x Evangelique (BHF)

Callaway's Bluesman.JPG

Callaway's Bluesman

Callaway's Blue Norther x Callaway's Carousel

Cf First Night Out.jpg

CF First Night Out

CH Night Prowler x Happy Twenty First

Cuervo on the Rocks.jpg.jpeg

Cuervo On The Rocks

Nutcracker's Nirvana (WGC) x Miss Cuervo

Designed Again3-1.jpg

Designed Again

Designed (WC, RWC) x Glenview's Successful (BHF)



Spot My Excitement x Tsarita



CH Call Me Ringo x Arrowhead's Mortisha

Heir Emerald2.jpg

Heir Emerald

Reggie's American Legend x RKR's Emerald Lady

HS Daydream's Masterpiece-2.jpg

HS Daydream's Masterpiece

Undulata's Nutcracker x A Daydream Believer (BHF) (WC, RWC)

I'm First WC1.jpg

I'm First

CF First Night Out (RWC) x That Special Face (BHF)

Kinex #2.jpg


The Irish Connection x Galahad's E. Gads

Leatherwood's Amadeus.jpg

Leatherwood's Amadeus

Marc of Charm (WGC, WCC, WC, RWC) x Callaway's Winning Ways (WC, RWC)

MBAs Manhattan Shooting Star position 2.jpeg

MBA's Manhattan's Shooting Star

I'm A New Yorker (RWC) x CH Cary's Moonraker (BHF, WC, RWCC, RWC)

Nite Of Nirvana3.jpg

Nite of Nirvana

Nutcracker's Nirvana (WGC, WC, RWGC, RWC) x The Haute Fame Fatale

Peace Love And Rock 'N Roll.jpg

Peace, Love and Rock N' Roll

Wine Women and Song x Myee

Real Bliss2.jpg

Real Bliss

That Handsome Face x Really

Reedann's Flying Double2.jpg

Reedann's Flying Double

Phlags Phling x Colorful Tale

Rock and Roll Country.jpg

Rock and Roll Country

Rock and Roll Music x Grace Lead Home



Roseridge Heir x Worthy Moment

Sir Silver Knight.jpeg

Sir Silver Knight

Sir William Robert x R.R. Silver Lady

Sunrise's Ladies Man.JPG

Sunrise's Ladies Man

Gomez x Harlem's Lady Louise

The Knight's Reflection Royale.jpg

The Knight's Reflection Royale

CHC La Vida Royale x Reflection Rhiannan

The Word Is Out.jpg

The Word Is Out

Harlem's Friendly Conversation x Tableaux

Undulata's Heir Apparent.JPG

Undulata's Heir Apparent

Undulata's Nutcracker x CH An Heir About Her (BHF) (WGC, WCC, WC, RWC)

Undulata's Untamed 2024.jpg

Undulata's Untamed

Undulata's Nutcracker x Callaway's Fannie Caufield

Wilt Chamberlain1.jpg

Wilt Chamberlain

Desert's Supreme Memories (WC, RWC) x CH Meadowlark Jubilee

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