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                     2023 All American Cup Stallion Auction E-Bid Form

Interested bidders may utilize this form to submit an e-bid for a stallion breeding of your choice.  Bidders can choose to submit two types of bids:  a starting bid and also a highest bid.  The e-bidding process will cease two hours prior to start of the live auction, however the live auction bid will start at the highest starting e-bid received.  If no live auction bids are received, then the highest starting e-bidder will receive the stallion breeding at the starting bid submitted.  If bids are received during the live auction, then the e-bidders' highest bids will be presented at the appropriate time.  If bidding exceeds the e-bidder's highest bid, you must call-in to continue bidding as part of the live auction.  By submitting an e-bid, the bidder agrees to purchase the specified stallion breeding at the bid price submitted.  All E-Bid's are due NLT 5:00 PM, Friday, February 3, 2023.

2023 All American Cup Stallion Auction E-Bid Form

By submitting the E-Bid form below, I agree to purchase my specified stallion at the bid price(s) I submit.

Your E-Bid has been successfully submitted. A member of the All American Cup staff will contact you to process payment if your bid is the winning bid. If you would like to call-in and bid during the live auction, please contact us.

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